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“Voice from the Ashes by Cindy Davis”

It’s 1979. Cassell Springs, Washington, is a typical small town, where people love one another, respect one other and look out for one another. They leave their doors unlocked and invite neighbors for barbecues. Chief Baker and son Barney were part of that life for as long as many people can remember. Everyone loved them, told them their problems, trusted them with their children.

So, who jabbed a Swiss Army knife between Baker’s eyes then ran him over, splattering his body along 100 feet of Route 504? Surely not Barney, too underweight even to be accepted to the police academy. Yet Barney is the State Police’s only suspect.

Interim Chief Ian Merryweather doesn’t agree. He’s sure the murderer is still living and working among them. He’s read the statistics, that killers often kill again. Armed only with a load of clues that seem to have no relation to one another, Ian struggles to piece things together.

Early in 1980, Mount St. Helens begins spewing smoke and ash and for a while Ian is distracted by the gawkers, tourists, and scientists who’ve flocked to the area. In the diner on the morning of May 18, 1980, one innocent comment is spoken. As Mount St. Helens unleashes noxious fumes, unbreathable ash, and boiling mud on the northwest United States, the killer strikes again.

Voices From the Ashes is published by Hilliard & Harris Publishers of, Boonsboro, MD., and is available at fine booksellers nationwide.

Voice From The Ashes,” is Davis’ fourth book and most widely anticipated. Her previous books: Final Masquerade and middle readers Dessert Bandit, Shadow Bandits and Circus Bandits received strong support regionally and nationally. Dessert Bandits received Best Seller status with its publisher November 2003. Davis is also the publisher of Characters~ Kids Short Story Outlet a quarterly publication that targets kids from 8-17 years.

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